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Leadership Expert, TEDx & DisruptHR Speaker, Award Winning Executive, Top Rated Army Officer, West Point Graduate

Kris Yagel is a servant leader with a proven record of winning. Believing that everyone has value and purpose, he passionately helps others to recognize the worth that lies within themselves and then equips and mentors them to achieve their highest potential.

Success came early on for Kris. After building a foundation as a scholar athlete, he became his high school’s first attendee of The United States Military Academy at West Point. Following the Academy’s rigorous four-year course of personal development, he graduated and was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. By empowering his subordinates and building cohesive teams, Kris received top honors as a special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team commander and Army base police chief in the wake of 9/11 and as an Army unit commander of over 100 active duty soldiers.

After six years of military service, Captain Yagel decided to leave the Army to lead others in the corporate world. He reached top honors, again, in the new endeavors of project management, medical device sales, and business development. Ultimately, after taking stock of his experiences, Kris realized that his life had been a carefully woven sequence of events that prepared him to continue serving others by founding his leader development, team optimization, and inspirational speaking company, Diligent Plans.

Today, Kris is known as a gripping motivational speaker, astute consultant, innovative trainer, and empathetic connector.

His motto is simple: Do whatever it takes to help others grow.

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Resiliency Expert, Television Host, Author, Award Winning Speaker, 20+ Years Military Service, Combat Veteran

Christopher Brooks is a servant leader with a passion for communicating hope. His conviction for enriching the lives of others is evident. Unwavering, he helps people recognize the value that lies within, thus, equipping them to achieve optimum results and success in all areas of life.

Chris will be the first to tell you that his success is a product of his faith and demonstrated resilience in action during some of the most difficult times of his life. With over 20 years of military service in both the United States Air Force and the United States Army, Chris leveraged his vast experience in leadership, training, and overcoming insurmountable circumstances to motivate and develop others as a speaker and coach. In August of 2017, Chris and his wife, Tiffany, co-founded The Brooks Enrichment (BE) Group to provide transformational speeches, discussions, workshops, and life coaching services to enrich lives in his community. Chris periodically hosts a weekly television show, “United with Christ”; sharing his empowering and transformational message. He is regularly invited to speak on military installations, corporate events, and at church and community organizations.

With an undergraduate degree from New Mexico State University, Chris looks forward to pursuing a master’s degree in Theological Studies. He has achieved a milestone in his career by writing, and publishing, his first book, “Motivational Moments: Pursuing the Dream.” He is also a certified professional life coach, an active member of the Public Speakers Association, and a member of Toastmasters International.

Chris is known internationally as a dynamic motivational speaker, prolific writer, innovative trainer, and devoted servant to all walks of life.

Chris’ heart for humanity is second to none.

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Team Building Expert, Civilian Aide to the U.S. Sec. of the Army, 3x State Champ Basketball Coach, Div. 1 College Basketball MVP, West Point Graduate

Coach Babe Kwasniak is unmatched in his ability to instill a winning spirit, and rightfully so, he developed his own early on. As the son of a legendary high school basketball coach in Cleveland, it was there that he learned the importance of building high performing teams with sound leadership. Consequently, the United States Military Academy expressed interest in him for its Division 1 basketball team. Despite his guidance counselor’s lack of belief that he was West Point material, Babe not only got in, but he graduated with honors in 1999. At 5’11 and a mere 160 pounds he was a two year captain and most valuable player of the Army Basketball Team. 

While serving with distinction as an Infantry Officer, Captain Kwasniak affectionately dubbed the United States Army the “greatest team in the world”. Although he decided to pursue new challenges outside the Army after his service commitment, Captain Kwasniak’s sentiment about the Army never left him. In fact, he yearned for it until, 16 years later, he was reunited with the service by being sworn in as the Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army (CASA) in the State of Ohio. At age 43, Babe was the youngest CASA in the Nation’s history.

Between the Army and his current role as the CASA, Babe continued his legacy of building elite teams. He broke into the medical sales profession with neither sales, nor medical experience. While working for the Nation’s leading anatomic pathology provider, Babe won multiple awards including Rookie of the Year and Sales Director of the Year. In multiple years as a territory manager, responsible for an excess of 37 million dollars, he achieved a ranking within the top 5% of salespeople.

Arguably the best part of his run as a leader teams came as the head basketball coach at his high school alma mater, Villa Angela – St. Joseph High School. His 10-year run included an incredible 184 wins and three Ohio State Championship titles. Furthermore, he lead the Vikings to a record setting five straight title games and amassed a 48-6 record in the state tournament. Though his numbers are impressive, Coach Kwasniak places the most value in learning how youth sports plays a priceless role in the development of young leaders.

Ever the servant leader, Babe leverages his experience as an Army Veteran and as the current CASA to bring awareness to the alarming veteran suicide rate. An admitted PTSD and suicide survivor, Babe speaks passionately about saving veterans from making the same mistakes he made. He has spoken on stages around the County and on numerous podcast, radio, and television shows to highlight the value that veterans have in our society. Babe’s endless energy and passion for veterans is summed up in his mantra: “One at a time.”

You will not find a more selfless, passionate leader of winning teams. Period.

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Inspirational Leadership Expert, Record Setting Executive, Combat Veteran, Decorated Army Leader, West Point Graduate with Academic Award

Alicia Greer leaves an indelible mark of excellence on every organization she is a part of. With extraordinary breadth, she combines passionate success in leader development with an uncanny eye for operational growth potential to create the right conditions for success. Alicia is a cutting-edge leader of the highest caliber 

Her academic and sports achievements during her early years earned her an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point. As a cadet, she played Division 1 College Basketball, made the Dean’s list, and was integral to upholding the honor code for all ~4,000 cadets. After graduating, Alicia continued to shine as an Army Engineer Officer. She served with distinction while deploying with her soldiers on three occasions, two of which were to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight terrorism. During one mission, she orchestrated the first-ever air deployment of a construction engineer unit to a combat zone. After five years of leading troops, Captain Greer left the Army to pursue new challenges.

Leaving military service did not cause Alicia’s fire for achievement to dim. After earning an MBA, she took the financial services industry by storm at the prestigious Goldman Sachs. Before the one year mark she led her team to record the highest daily trade settlement value on the Toronto Stock Exchange in the company’s near 150-year history. Less than a year later at barely 30 years old she was enthusiastically promoted to Vice President.

Having established the high water mark in each of her professional endeavors, in 2009 Alicia took a well-deserved break to start a family. A servant to the last, she has since returned to the mainstream to, not surprisingly, build the next generation of leaders.

Alicia leaves a permanent wake of greatness in everyone she reaches.

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Leadership Historian – Revolutionary War Expert, Author (x4), Award Winning Professor, Seasoned Lecturer (60+), Army Lieutenant Colonel (20+ Years), West Point Instructor & Graduate

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Jason Warren, PhD. is a seasoned leader with the unique ability to historically frame leadership, team building, and ultimately, the road to company growth.

Realizing his passion for military history at an early age, Jason determined that West Point was the perfect match for his desire to serve, while connecting with America’s past. Upon graduation in 1999, he went on to dedicate 20 years of his life to national defense, earning a Bronze Star in combat, and leading at all levels of the military. The Army selected Jason from among its promising junior officers to return to West Point and teach military history. While doing so, he became the first instructor since Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster to earn his PhD. After returning from a tour in Afghanistan as a strategic planner, Jason taught at the Army War College becoming the first officer to become credentialed as an Assistant Professor as a Major. He went on to teach for eight years at the collegiate level, authored four books, and delivered over 60 academic lectures and papers. Before retiring, Jason served as Future Plans Chief for an element of Cyber Command, applying military history to this emerging military domain. As a contractor, he continues to work in the military technological field, but always with an eye toward the past to make the most sense of current trends in warfare and leadership.

Dr. Warren views the constancy of human nature as a key element in leadership development. Instead of events that happened in a remote time without any relevance to the present, the continuity with the way humans react to events such as crisis and war allows for Jason to deliver incisive leadership development to teams desiring to improve performance and increase profits.

Jason’s ability to analyze complex history and extract meaningful learning points is world class.

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Executive Level Leadership Expert, 2x Record Setting Fortune 100 Executive, Army Colonel (30+ Years), West Point Instructor, Graduate, & Army Football Player

Colonel (Retired) Joe DeAntona is one of the most potent leader development experts in the world today. Unmatched in passion and intuition, he leaves a wake of greatness in those under his tutelage.

From a modest upbringing in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Joe went on to play Division 1 College Football at his eventual alma mater, the United States Military Academy at West Point. Endlessly driven, he later achieved three Masters Degrees in the fields of Strategic Studies and Human Factors Psychology.

Upon commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in Army Air Defense Artillery, Joe began an illustrious career of service to the Nation that spanned more than three decades. He spent a sizable portion of his service time overseas on assignment and leading troops during operational deployments like Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom, among others. When stationed in the United States, one of his passions was teaching at the university level, where he instructed for a total of seven years. West Point, recognizing Joe’s penchant for developing others, brought him back for a record three tours to work with cadets across the entire spectrum of growth. He served, separately, as an assistant professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership, as the Brigade Tactical Officer (Dean of Student Affairs), and as the Deputy Athletic Director for the United States Corps of Cadets.

The Army was but a chapter in Joe’s commitment to service. He continues to travel the world as a leadership and strategy advisor while committed as a husband, father, and humanitarian.

Joe is simply unforgettable; a “once in a lifetime” encounter.

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Leadership Evangelist, Process Improvement Expert, Combat Pilot & Convoy Commander, Top Rated Army Officer, West Point Graduate

Eric Olsen takes leadership to record setting breadth by excelling repeatedly in vastly diverse settings. His work on leadership, strategy, and process has been deployed across many industries and all life stages to help teams, businesses, and individuals become better versions of themselves.

Eric received an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point, graduated, and was commissioned as an Army Aviation Officer, attaining his dream of being a member of the Air Cavalry. On 9/11, Eric’s unit was tasked to provide close air support for the President’s potential visit to NORAD. Shortly after, he deployed 110 soldiers to Iraq for the invasion, commanded thousands of miles of convoys, and flew 100+ combat flight hours. He deployed again in 2007, this time as a part of the staff element responsible for helicopter operations covering the entire nation of Iraq.

After more than 10 years of service, Major Olsen left the Army for corporate America where his passion for learning new skills continued across an array of different industries and roles. He helped reinvigorate the largest malting plant in the world; brought LEAN manufacturing to a 1,200 employee beef processing facility; installed the first Amazon mailer and bubble wrap lines in a foam plant; achieved 98% client retention rate over 2 years as a business consultant; and worked as an executive in two regional businesses. Throughout his experience, leadership, strategy, and process have allowed Eric to learn, adapt, and excel, leaving organizations measurably better.

Today, Eric is working on the next stage of his professional life where he can combine his love for training, passion for helping people achieve more, and developing leaders who are driven to create the next generations of leaders.

Eric is masterful at blending the human elements of leadership with systems driven processes.

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