Our services enable us to bring our vision to life. Rightfully so, we are committed to the best execution possible. We set high standards, but stay fluid so we can innovate the most efficient methods to reach desired outcomes. We offer services that can stand alone, as events and programs, or link together to create a comprehensive “improvement plan” for you and your organization.


One of the greatest joys of being a leader is to see the resolve in someone’s eyes as you teach, mentor, resource, and encourage him or her toward lasting improvement – the essence of coaching. Existing at the peak of customization, coaching is a very focused, intimate experience for both the coach and the recipient.

Leadership Coaching is at the heart of what we do at Diligent Plans. It is always our hope that each of or our clients end up being coached by one of our world-class leaders because we know it is life changing, guaranteed. Plus, not only will you personally grow immensely, but your coach will arm you with the know how to effectively develop those in your circle of influence as a leader. Why wait? Book your coaching experience today.



Learning can take place anywhere so we like to push the boundaries a bit. We’ve found that hands-on experiential events in the “field” are an innovative way to teach in an atmosphere that is memorable for the participants. The smell of the air, the sights and sounds, the feeling of the conditions, all contribute to each unforgettable experience.

Cohesion is an element that is often missed while building a team. The very best teams have an inseparable bond between the members. Sure, bonds can form over time, but we prefer to hasten the process. Teams are formed on paper, but are forged in adversity. Several of our immersive experiential events offer a substantial team building component through something we call “controlled adversity”. The result is near instant cohesion, a foundation to build upon. Have a look at our signature experiences:

Team Building by Orienteering (TBO) pits team against team in a race to find as many geographic locations as possible within a set time limit. Aside from forging deep team cohesion, TBO provides the ultimate growth in planning, strategy, execution, teamwork, competitive spirit, and more! 

Revolutionary Leadership: The Battle of Brandywine Creek presents timeless lessons from an era that birthed America. As you walk the actual ground, close to Philadelphia, that hosted this crucial turning point in America’s fight for independence you will learn key strategies to apply to your modern-day leadership!

Leadership on the Rock is a signature event from Diligent Plans that leverages the humbling adventure of rock climbing with world-class leadership instruction to create an unforgettable experience for leaders and teams. Adversity if the king of “imprinted” learning! No prior climbing experience needed.


Though classroom style training has been around forever, our version is anything but traditional. The main difference is found in our trainers who are all real world practitioners. They are simply exceptional in their ability to connect with participants, leverage humor to create a relaxed setting, and bring concepts to easily digestible understanding through anecdotes and personal testimonies. Additionally, many of our courses involve hands-on exercises to engage more senses and solidify learning objectives.

We pride ourselves in precise planning and diligent execution of all training. Every detail is accounted for to ensure participants have the best possible experience and that they leave with practical knowledge they can apply immediately to their lives. Take at look at a few examples:

The Trust Trek as part of an interactive leader development workshop. 

Alicia Greer inspires youth during a McDonald’s sponsored event.


Often times, you are just “too close” to sticking points within your organization or your own leadership to see things with true clarity. In over cases, you may enter unexplored territory, necessitating wise counsel to successfully navigate. Further still, you might just want an expert “eye” to take you from good to great.

Whatever scenario applies to you, we can help. Our cohort collectively has over 100 years of continuous leadership practice in nearly all sectors – military, government, private industry, non-profit, and more. We are certainly qualified and our passion is serving. Let us help you see things clearly as we develop your plan of action for breakthrough. Contact us to schedule a free discovery call today.



Even the most competent leaders and effective teams need inspiration from time to time. It is essential for sustained momentum. We have an all-star cast of inspiring speakers at Diligent Plans. What makes them different?  Our speakers are all doers. They are often the very same people that carry out our mission to train leaders and build teams. They are proven, relatable, and dedicated to service. Lastly, despite their award winning success, they are very low maintenance — a plus for anyone planning an impactful event. Visit the Diligent Plans Speaker Group page to learn more.

Kris Yagel’s no-nonsense delivery at DisruptHR.

Christopher Brooks delivers truth and laughs!

Alicia Greer’s emotional, breakthrough performance.

Kris Yagel unveils a new type of leader at TEDx

  • "My biggest challenge with my current assignment was to reconnect a team that had lost its cohesion. Based on an enthusiastic referral, I contacted Kris at Diligent Plans for help with the situation. I couldn’t be happier with the results of the full day team building event that he led us through. Now, my team is highly motivated and much more synchronized!"

    Izza Rodriguez, Senior Manager | JOHNSON & JOHNSON
  • "The County was recently looking for a thorough training regarding meaningful presentations and clear communication when approaching a decision-making audience. We were extremely satisfied with the training conducted and facilitated by Diligent Plans. The trainer, Kris Yagel, was patient, thorough and well informed on the subject matter, and he was able to connect with the audience in a way that made a lasting impact. We are grateful for his time with us and look forward to working with him again!"

    Melissa Carrillo, CHRO | COUNTY OF EL PASO, TX
  • "Diligent Plans has delivered exceptional service and sales training for the TFCU team. At TFCU, we strive to create a learning environment that is engaging, professional, and continuously improving. Kris Yagel brings a humble and effective approach that conforms with our culture. Our organizational values of human dignity, fairness, and professional execution also align with Mr. Yagel's approach. I recommend Diligent Plans to leaders that are looking for this delivery."

    Max Villaronga, CEO | TFCU
  • “As a goal to conduct a memorable team building event for my ~ 70 leaders this year, I gave the mission to Kris Yagel and his team at Diligent Plans. Kris successfully delivered a mix of academic and hands-on, experiential events that far exceeded my expectations! The event was instantly marked as a milestone in our company culture!”

    Bill Randag, President | DATAMARK
  • "When we were looking for a speaker on leadership for the Annual Conference of a national trade association, we contacted Diligent Plans for suggestions. The company sent us resumes of five potential speakers, each offering a unique perspective on leadership. We selected our speaker and Diligent Plans was efficient in handling the contract and the details of the engagement. It was a pleasure working with Diligent Plans and we feel they are a great resource for future programs."

    Stella Jones, Executive Director | FISA
  • "I was looking for a team-building training that would engage my whole team – an event that could have an impact beyond the actual training day. I was referred to Kris Yagel at Diligent Plans. I met with Kris to discuss my goals and then allowed Kris to develop the training event. I was very pleased with what we learned as a team, and indeed, the team ended the day with ideas that we can carry forward in our work. Kris was warm and personable, and could easily relate to the team. Kris was very professional, and held the team’s attention throughout the event. It was a great experience and I look forward to working with Kris Yagel and Diligent Plans again!"

    Pat Degman, Comptroller | CITY OF EL PASO, TX