About Jason Warren

Don’t rush to failure!  – Jason


  • Leadership Historian – Revolutionary War Expert
  • Author (x4)
  • Award Winning Professor
  • Seasoned Lecturer (60+)
  • Army Lieutenant Colonel (20+ Years)
  • West Point Instructor & Graduate

Speaking Topics

  • Historical Leadership Perspectives
  • Revolutionary War Case Studies
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Diligent Planning

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Jason Warren, PhD. is a seasoned leader with the unique ability to historically frame leadership, team building, and ultimately, the road to company growth.

Realizing his passion for military history at an early age, Jason determined that West Point was
the perfect match for his desire to serve, while connecting with America’s past. Upon
graduation in 1999, he went on to dedicate 20 years of his life to national defense, earning a
Bronze Star in combat, and leading at all levels of the military. The Army selected Jason from
among its promising junior officers to return to West Point and teach military history. While
doing so, he became the first instructor since Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster to earn his
PhD. After returning from a tour in Afghanistan as a strategic planner, Jason taught at the Army
War College becoming the first officer to become credentialed as an Assistant Professor as a
Major. He went on to teach for eight years at the collegiate level, authored four books, and
delivered over 60 academic lectures and papers. Before retiring, Jason served as Future Plans
Chief for an element of Cyber Command, applying military history to this emerging military
domain. As a contractor, he continues to work in the military technological field, but always
with an eye toward the past to make the most sense of current trends in warfare and

Dr. Warren views the constancy of human nature as a key element in leadership development.
Instead of events that happened in a remote time without any relevance to the present, the
continuity with the way humans react to events such as crisis and war allows for Jason to
deliver incisive leadership development to teams desiring to improve performance and increase

Jason’s ability to analyze complex history and extract meaningful learning points is world class.

Speaker’s Fee Range

$10,000 – $15,000

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