About Laura McKenna

You get what you focus on!  – Laura


  • Leadership & Stress Expert
  • Award Winning Leadership Instructor
  • Combat Veteran
  • Decorated Army Officer
  • West Point Instructor & Graduate

Speaking Topics

  • Effects of Stress
  • Impact of Empathy
  • Aligning Potential & Performance
  • Healthy Leader Habits
  • Self Leadership

Laura McKenna has over 20 years of leading people and organizations, teaching, and coaching. She is relentless in her calling to help people reach optimal levels of health and success.

Known for her warmth, vibrant energy, transparency and ability to create emotional safety, Laura has the distinct ability to connect with others in a manner that is most meaningful for them.  Naturally inclusive, Laura creates community, uplifts others, and inspires joy and alignment.  Laura is simultaneously kind, compassionate, and empathetic while inspiring strength, resilience, and mental toughness – a combination that makes her an ideal speaker for your event.

A West Point graduate, former Army Officer and Afghanistan Veteran, Laura has been driven to serve others for her entire life.  An award-winning educator, Laura transitioned from the military after teaching leadership at West Point, but her commitment to serving others has only intensified. 

Now a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Executive Clarity Coach, leadership trainer and inspirational speaker, Laura is driven to help others experience exuberant, optimal health, alignment, peace, and success in every area of their lives. 

Merely being around Laura is enough to shift anyone into high gear.

Speaker’s Fee Range

$7,500 – $12,500