About Laura McKenna

You get what you focus on!  – Laura

West Point Graduate

Decorated Army Officer

Award-Winning Professor

Life Transformation Expert

Laura McKenna is relentless in her noble calling to help people reach new levels of health and success. Unrivaled in energy, stoked with passion, she is an influencer in all regards.

Laura’s journey of accomplishment began at the United States Military Academy at West Point where she was a standout cadet. She received the John Hottell Award for the highest GPA in her major and was also recognized for excellence in communications by induction into the Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society.

After graduating from West Point and commissioning as an officer in the Army Military Police (MP) Corps, she was handed two critical back-to-back missions. First, she led the security forces that secured the crash site at the Pentagon immediately after September 11, 2001. Then, she continued to fight terrorism alongside her soldiers during a deployment to Afghanistan. The challenges of being an MP were great, but Laura sought more so she transferred to Army Aviation where she became a Blackhawk helicopter pilot. During her flight years, the Army wisely decided to send Laura for an advanced degree so she could return to West Point and instruct cadets in the core pillar of physical education. In keeping with her legacy she was awarded the Coach Krzyewski Award for Teaching Excellence.

When the time came for Laura to leave the Army, she only left the uniform; her drive to serve remained. She further polished her leadership and operations ability and began mastering a new skills set in account management and sales before deciding to pursue her calling. She is now a leadership trainer, lifestyle and wellness consultant, and personal transformation coach.

Merely being around Laura is enough to shift anyone into high gear.


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